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Hampton Roads Web Design

Building a website is easy. Creating a website that is responsive across platforms, integrated with your marketing stack, and optimized to drive conversions? That’s a little bit trickier. What about ensuring your website is optimized for the Hampton Roads region? Your lawn care business may not be too jazzed about the leads coming in from Temecula. Don’t make a DIY site- have a true web design professional build something your brand will be proud of.

From concept to completion, I work with you every step of the way to ensure a site that is a true reflection of your brand. My focus is on scalability, making sure your new site is able to grow and change as your business evolves. Over the years, I have designed websites for all sorts of businesses and organizations in just as many industries. From selling satellite communications equipment for high-end yachts to promoting a local craft brewery, I’ve done a bit of everything.


WordPress Foundation

All of the websites I design are built using WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world. Fully customizable, quick loading, and regularly updated, WordPress sets your site up for success. I manage my own servers for site hosting, but can work with any hosting provider depending on my client’s needs.


Elementor Backbone

The easiest WordPress page builder to design your site with. Though very intuitive to use, you won’t be sacrificing speed, appearance, or functionality. With Elementor, you have the tools to make simple content edits yourself, without relying on a third party to manage every aspect of your website for you. 


Built to

Nothing cookie cutter. I’ll work with your team to determine the systems that will need to be integrated into the website. This often includes chatbot functionality, lead automation systems, and e-mail list integrations. Generally speaking, though, the sky is the limit. Whatever you need, I can probably do it.

Website Design for Businesses of All Sizes


Websites built to sell. I use WooCommerce as my e-commerce management system, ensuring simple product management and easy accounting integration. I know how to structure sites to promote an effortless sales process, helping to promote higher sales and repeat purchases. In the past I’ve worked with e-commerce businesses big and small, from micro-retailers selling only one product to distributors moving thousands. I’ve even set up auction houses. Whatever your e-commerce need, I can help.


I’ve already written a bit about why contractors and service providers need a website. For many contractors, a website is the first demonstration of authenticity and professionalism. I can design a website that shows your business in the best possible light, optimized for your primary search terms to get you found on the web. My contractor websites can be as short as one page to as many as dozens, depending on the service categories and complexity of the business.


Website design for Hampton Roads organizations and associations. I can create a website that looks great, manages your membership list and payments, and keeps your members up to date on all upcoming events. I can even build your email list with on-site sign ups, and connect the new emails to drip campaigns for automated interactions. My websites help organizations simplify their processes while maintaining a more consistent brand.


Many of the websites I build are for brand new businesses. I work with the leadership team to create all of the assets needed for a successful launch, which extends far past the website. Brand imagery and logos, style guides, social media channel setup, and CRM come first before the website is considered. Once ready, the website is made to complement the rest of the assets and create a consistent brand image. I’ve helped dozens of start-ups get off the ground and find their digital footing.

Some of my Past Web Design Results

Increasing Leads 220% Through a Conversion-Focused Website Rebuild

Just because a site ranks well doesn’t mean it converts well. I took a site that was pulling in over 89,000 unique visitors annually and rebuilt it focusing on call-ins, form submissions, and on-site chats. The results were near-immediate with a sustained increase in qualified leads. One year on, it has shown no signs of slowing down.

Setting a Site Up for Success Through Highly Targeted landing pages

You can’t be too specific with your messaging. By redesigning a site to include unique, content-rich landing pages on each possible version of the service being offered, I opened this business up to a whole new income stream. The more keyword research completed, the more landing pages added, the more revenue driven.

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