Analytics & Reporting

Google Analytics, Tag Manager, & Data Studio

I provide the assistance you need to make sense of your data. From setting up goal tracking to creating and delivering cross-source reports,  I make data collection passive and data interpretation effortless. The better data you have, the more intelligent your business decisions will be.


Cross-Source Reporting

Reporting systems that play nice with outside data sets, so you can have everything on one easy to understand dashboard.


Ad Campaign Tracking

Uncover the real value of your advertising spend. If you are putting money into Facebook, Google, or Bing Ads, reporting is a must.


Performance Auditing

Not sure if your agency is delivering on their promises? Uncover the real results and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Some of my Past Work

Uncovering the full story with Google Tag Manager

You can track a lot with Google Analytics, but it doesn’t always paint the full picture. By tying in Tag Manager for some of the more complicated connections, tracking options are nearly limitless and your reporting significantly more robust. In this case, we learned just how much of an impact chatbot conversations were to new lead generation.

Fixing a Corrupted Google Analytics Account

Something was wrong, but the business owners couldn’t figure out what. Digging into the connections, multiple integration mistakes were found that had a profound effect- over a third of pages were untracked and bounce rate was at zero. After being carefully fixed, all data was able to be tracked and the data was useful once more.

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