Search Engine Optimization

Getting your business found online

Search engine optimization, especially in a competitive market like Hampton Roads, is imperative to success online. Knowing which terms your audience is using and understanding how to rank for those terms is paramount to a successful SEO strategy. While digital advertising is great and something I recommend, a properly optimized website has the ability to drive revenue without any additional money being invested. Before running ads, make sure your site is optimized for organic search and on-page conversions.


White Hat Services

Some SEOs make changes that work great in the short term, but quickly result in a blacklist from Google. Not me. My focus is on long-term sustainable growth through high quality content and proper content structuring. Nothing sneaky, no gimmicks.


Realistic Expectations

I won’t like and promise you a 500% increase in visitors. I also won’t lie and tell you that “you aren’t ranking on Google”. I have seen the tricks scam artists use and have no intention of participating. Instead, I’ll win your trust and business through the results that I drive in the long-term.


Conversion Optimization

Do you understand how visitors interact with your site, or which pages drive your revenue? SEO is great, but doesn’t directly translate to sales. Make sure that your website is set up for success, or your search engine optimization efforts will be fruitless.


Core Web Vitals

If your site is slow, it can be penalized by Google. Make sure that your big three (largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift) are in tip-top shape. Though sometimes requiring an overhaul, these health indicators can usually be fixed relatively quickly.

Some of my Past Work

Increasing Traffic By Answering Questions

A construction company was ranking great for it’s name, but wanted to increase traffic elsewhere. By focusing in on the most common questions asked about the service, we were able to create landing pages that now drive almost 35% of all site traffic.

Faster Loading Time, More SIte Visitors

A consumer services business was noticing poor organic ranking and a high bounce rate. Though some other changes were made as well, site speed was the major issue- by decreasing the first contentful paint by over 70%, organic traffic and bounce shot back up.

Smarter Keywords, Better Organic Traffic

A rental company had hundreds of products, but few ranked particularly well. By changing the focus from industry-specific terms to consumer-friendly terms, product organic search rank increased over 40% and product page conversions jumped over 60%!

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