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Search Engine Optimization for Hampton Roads BUsinesses

An intelligent SEO (or search engine optimization) strategy is necessary in a competitive market like Hampton Roads. It is imperative to getting found online and plays a direct role in a businesses’ bottom line. Knowing which terms your audience is using and understanding how to rank for those terms is paramount to a successful SEO strategy. While digital advertising campaigns are great and I recommend them, a website properly updated for SEO has the ability to drive revenue without recurring investment. Before running ads, make sure your site is optimized for organic search and on-page conversions.

Why Invest in Local SEO?

While advertising initiatives only provide benefits in the short and mid-term, SEO is a gift that never stops giving. Local gains in search rank from a Hampton Roads based SEO strategy continue to provide benefits long after the optimization has taken place. For long-term success, SEO stategy should be a major consideration.

Attract Qualified Traffic

If you’re a service provider in Hampton, Virginia, leads from upstate New York probably aren’t your top priority. By focusing your service area to distinct areas around Hampton Roads and Coastal Virginia, you can narrow down your traffic to ensure quality leads. Local SEO not only helps with increasing the number of visitors to your site, it also ensures a qualified visitor base.

Increase Conversion Rate

If a web visitor knows that you’re a local company, they’re more likely to trust you. SEO best practices also conform to best practices for CRO (conversion rate optimization), meaning your landing pages will perform better and drive more leads. In theory, local SEO is simple- provide the info that a Hampton Roads resident needs to trust you and your business.

Build Brand Trust

Reputation management helps to introduce your prospective customers to what your past customers have experienced. If you provide something exceptional, you need to share that- and most customers love spreading the word. Content marketing also helps by establishing your brand as a local thought leader. It takes some time to build out the resources, but the trust it creates pays dividends in the long run.

Yield Long-Term Results

Local SEO doesn’t dip as soon as you stop investing in it. The work you put in to ranking in the Hampton Roads market will remain for quite some time, even if you decide to halt your SEO budget for a while. Barring any big shake-ups from Google’s algorithm (and they do happen from time to time) your investment will provide bolstered impressions, clicks, and conversions for quite a while after the initiative is complete.

My Approach to Hampton Roads SEO

Focused entirely on driving results and fostering long-term growth. I provide baseline diagnostics based on your own analytics systems as well as reports from Pingdom and Pagespeed Insights. Once areas of improvement are found, a plan of action is drafted. Local SEO, especially in a market such as Hampton Roads, does not usually provide results overnight. Through the course of our relationship your organic rank will continue to grow. Communication channels will always be open for your team to share feedback with me and for me to provide regular reports on campaign performance. We are a partnership working to accomplish a common goal- better results on the web.

White Hat SEO Services

Some SEOs make changes that work great for a little while, but quickly result in a blacklist from major search engines. Not me. My focus is on sustainable long-term growth through high quality content and proper content structuring. Nothing sneaky, and no gimmicks. Our relationship starts with a thorough audit, where I let you know key areas for improvement and propose a plan to implement my recommended changes. Each step of the way you’re kept in the loop.

Realistic Expectations

I won’t promise you a 500% overnight increase in visitors. I also won’t lie and tell you that “you aren’t ranking on Google”. I have seen the tricks that scam artists use to sell SEO services and have no intention of participating in them. Hell, I’ve even made a point to help small business owners avoid these scams. Instead, I’ll win your trust and business through the insights I can provide immediately on short-term corrections and the results that I can drive in the long-term.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Do you understand how visitors interact with your site, or which pages drive your revenue? SEO is great, and getting clicks is great. The problem is, this doesn’t necessarily translate to sales. Make sure that your website is set up for success, or your search engine optimization efforts will be fruitless. By analyzing your landing pages and page flow for pain points, I can fix issues that may be hurting your conversion rate. SEO is nothing without CRO.

Core Web Vitals Improvement

If your site is slow, it can be penalized by Google. Beyond that, it’ll create for a clunky experience for the user which will result in a bounce. Make sure that your big three (largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift) are in tip-top shape. I don’t consider these indicators gospel as some other SEO professionals do, but I recognize the importance of a site that loads quickly and accurately. Not sure how your site loads? Run a pagespeed audit through Google.

Some of my Past Work

Increasing Traffic By Answering Questions

A construction company was ranking great for it’s name, but wanted to increase traffic elsewhere. By focusing in on the most common questions that were being asked about the service, we were able to create landing pages that now drive almost 35% of all site traffic.

Faster Loading Time, More SIte Visitors

A consumer services business was noticing poor organic ranking and a high bounce rate. Though some other changes were made, site speed was the major issue. By decreasing the first contentful paint by over 70%, organic traffic shot up and bounce rate significantly decreased.

Smarter Keywords, Better Organic Traffic

A rental company had hundreds of products, but few ranked particularly well. By changing the focus from industry-specific terms to consumer-friendly terms, product organic search rank increased over 40% and product page conversions jumped over 60%!

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Learn More About Local SEO

You don’t have to put your full trust in an agency. I’ve compiled some resources to help you get a jump start on understanding some of the simpler points of Hampton Roads SEO and digital advertising. Of course, if you have any specific questions, I’m just a phone call away.