How Construction Companies Can Get Started With Digital Marketing

Why Spend Time on Digital Marketing?

Having managed all of the marketing for a mid-sized construction company in Hampton Roads, I can say without a doubt the easiest way to grow as a contractor is through social media and google display network advertising. Nothing else- not radio, not television, not newspaper- comes close to the ROI of digital advertising for the construction industry. Despite this, there are very few construction companies investing in optimized website design or digital advertising. For companies willing to explore new opportunities online, the growth potential is practically endless and the competition is very limited.


Why Don’t Construction Companies Advertise Online?


Lack of Trained Personnel

Most small or mid-sized contractors don’t have a designated marketing department and a lot don’t have a single marketing professional. For companies working without an industry expert, their options are limited.


Lack of Awareness:

t’s easy to miss opportunities that you aren’t aware of. Many construction business owners aren’t aware of how many opportunities exist online or how different online targeting is from newspaper or magazine advertising.


Stigma Behind Online Advertising

 Construction company owners tend to skew older with average ages around 45-50. Not being digital natives or early adopters, it is harder for this demographic to see opportunities online or to trust digital advertising as a viable medium.


Getting Started With Digital Marketing

Professionally managed digital campaigns have a significantly higher ROI than internally managed campaigns, but it is still a good idea to run a few campaigns of your own to better understand what the agency or consultant will be doing for you. The two easiest mediums to get started in are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Setting up a simple Google Ads campaign is incredibly simple, and countless walkthroughs can be found online to make the process even easier. Facebook Ads are also relatively simple to start, especially for the toe-in-the-water approach of boosting a post. Experiment with different audiences, placements, and delivery options to gain a base-level understanding of these two platforms.

The scope of digital advertising goes far, far beyond Facebook and Google Ads. Once you have some familiarity with the online marketplace, talk with a qualified individual about options for your business online. The opportunities are practically endless and the costs are, compared to traditional media, minimal. Audience expansion and remarketing, cross-device delivery, geo-fenced microtargeting, and advanced analytics showing the actions and revenue being driven by your various campaigns will become mainstays of your new marketing system.

About the Author

Baylen McCarthy is a marketing consultant and travel blogger based in Hampton Roads, Virginia. His work includes web design, search engine optimization, and digital advertising services, among other marketing solutions. If you’re interested in getting in touch with Baylen, shoot him an email or leave him a message.

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