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The Problem With Marketing

In-House Managers

Often underskilled and underworked. In-house marketing managers rarely pay off, especially if the management team doesn’t have a marketing background to understand what skills the employee lacks. Underperforming ad campaigns, poorly optimized websites, and confusing brand messaging are usually the end result. While they mean well, they could benefit from more oversight and mentoring.

Outsourced Agencies

Flashy presentations and overpromising usually lead to big expenses and empty promises- if you know how to decipher the data they show you. Agencies work on selling you a dream, then leave the execution to a grossly underpaid intern. I know- I’ve worked in the industry and I’ve seen it happen. It’s why so many of my clients come from some of the area’s largest digital agencies.

How I'm Different

The Best of Both Worlds

I have worked as an in-house marketing manager for multiple years, helping to build brands and launch new products. I understand the hurried nature of the small business landscape, and know how to wear multiple hats. At the same time, I’ve worked with agencies to complete small and large-scale projects for a very diverse client base. I know the good and the bad that comes with agency life, and can help you get the most out of your agency partner.

A Single Point Person

I’m doing the work. You don’t have to worry about playing telephone between your account executive and the web guy- you talk to me, and I make it happen. The only time I use contractors are with specialized web development projects, but otherwise, you know exactly who to come to for clarification or changes.

More Cost-Effective, More Results

Our partnership is bespoke, only covering the tasks important to you. For most clients, this looks like web updates and SEO, digital advertising, copywriting, and end of month reporting- but really, the sky is the limit. We can do as much or as little as your business needs to thrive, with agreements starting at just 3 months.

What I Offer

Analyzing and reporting on the current performance of your employee or agency. My reporting is impartial; if they are doing a great job I say so, and if there are areas of improvement I recommend them. I also pick out holes- sometimes intentionally left- in the analytics being presented to you by your agency.

Across all main channels including the Google network, social media apps, and OTT. I have millions of dollars of ad spend under my belt, with a track record of driving consistent results for a diverse client base. From book sales to appointments with contractors, I know how to leverage digital ads.

Making your website more visible to organic searches (search engine optimization) and facilitating more conversions from your site visitors (conversion rate optimization). This is my bread and butter- taking underperforming websites and enacting strategies to drive more consistent conversions.

From-scratch custom website creation. Dozens built to date for clients across the East Coast.

Social channel management and execution geared around consistent brand messaging and steady growth.

Making your separated systems share data, streamline processes, and generally make your job easier.


Blog writing and content strategy, focused around organic growth and industry authority.

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