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Hampton Roads Digital Ad Strategy

Ad campaigns that you can wrap your head around. Results that are clear and tied to your ROI. No tricks, and no gimmicks. I work with you to determine the best networks, audiences, and ad formats, then get to work designing a campaign that will drive results for your business. 


All Major Ad Networks

Run digital ad campaigns on any network, including Google Search, Google Display, the Facebook Ad Network, and more. Want to run a third-party affiliate campaign on one specific website? I can help manage and track that, too.


No Surprise Fees

I charge a margin on ad spend and an hourly rate that we discuss beforehand. You’ll know how much I’ll be spending each month and how much you’ll be billed for. Simple, straightforward, and predictable- as things should be.


Advanced Tracking

Know exactly the results that your ads are driving. I’ll configure your analytics system to report the conversions that matter most to you, so you’ll know your ads are actually making an impact.


Full Customization

Don’t just stick to one network. Run campaigns¬† concurrently, drawing in-market audiences and remarketing to your past visitors. All backed with analytics to show you how each channel is performing, and how they are impacting each other.

Some of my Past Work

Driving Leads for a construction company

An ongoing campaign that has seen thousands of leads driven and many, many happy customers. Since 2016, I have been managing ad spend across Facebook, Google, Bing, Nextdoor, LinkedIn, Thumbtack, Yelp, and more.

Promoting Events for a City in Northern Virginia

Over the course of a year, 16 events were held- almost each one breaking attendance records from the year prior. Google display ads and Facebook ads were used to affordably drive traffic to these fun city-organized events.

Promoting an Amazon Best Seller

Written by an ex-IBM executive and endorsed by a member of one of the most powerful families in US politics, this book needed just a push to reach prominence. Through a combination of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we got it there.

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